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México is a captivating mosaic of regions that vary in cultural peculiarities, authentic cuisine, and breathtaking natural sights. This incredible destination has it all - from colorful colonial towns to white-sand beaches with warm currents lapping at their toes! Along the way, there are so many exciting opportunities for adventure: plunging canyons, baking deserts, and ancient ruins lost deep within its jungle environment.


  • Yucatan's Cenotes, flight of Flamingos, and pyramid climb.

  • Volcanic cliffs, turquoise water, and stretches of desert landscapes of Mexico's Pacific Coast.

  • A journey through Mexico's iconic cuisine.

  • Explore Mexico's Magic Towns.


With its vast, sweeping landscapes and sparkling blue water - not to mention the country’s history of volcanoes that have left behind an unrivaled natural beauty- Iceland is one of those places that will be impossible for you to forget. Whether covered by snow or bathed in the midnight sun, this geographically diverse European nation has something everyone should see at least once during their lifetime!


  • Spot the majestic humpback whales in Southern Faxafloi.

  • Witness Gullfoss nature force.

  • Snorkel or dive into the electric blue waters of the Silfra Fissure.

  • Explore from the Dimmuborgir lava Fields to Grjotagja cave.

  • Descend into a dormant volcano.

  • Chase the Northern Lights.

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Image by Harry Cunningham

South Africa

It’s one of the most beautiful and varied countries on the planet. It doesn’t matter the kind of trip you want to go on; South Africa is full of bucket list experiences in every corner, from the rich Atlantic waters of the Cape to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Home to mountain ranges, arid deserts, wild swamps, a vast savannah and the southernmost tip, stunning beaches, Winelands, and the vibrant city of Cape Town.


  • Witness the sightings of the Big 5+, including the rare black rhino and leopards at Sabi Sands.

  • Cage diving with Great White Sharks.

  • Stay in the most iconic hotel and enjoy stunning sunsets and unrivaled views of the famous Umhlanga lighthouse.

  • Paraglide over the beautiful city of Cape Town.

  • Indulge your taste buds with the delicacies of the finest cuisines and wines.

The Maldives

The Maldives Archipelago is, without a doubt, the ultimate paradise island experience where luxury over-water villas are suspended on stilts above shallow lagoons. With over 300 species of tropical fish, making the Maldives the perfect diving location, this is genuinely a fantastic beach escape for families or honeymoons. This unique destination also boasts 200 species of coral, including the rare and majestic whale shark and colorful Oriental Sweetlips - great for fantastic diving and snorkeling.


  • Snorkel or scuba at the Baa Atoll, a Unesco-designated Biosphere Reserve, along with sea turtles and reef sharks.

  • For the more adventurous, why not try kite surfing?

  • Have lunch under the sea at an underwater glass restaurant.

  • Spend a night on your own private sandbank sleeping beneath the stars in the comfort of a chic Beduin tent.

  • Sail across the Indian Ocean over the sunset for a dolphin safari combined with awe-inspiring views.

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Image by Jared Schwitzke


Peru is a diverse land stretching from the Pacific Coast, crossing high Andes Mountains and rolling away to depths of the Amazon Jungle. In addition, its cultural nuances make this country a genuinely unrivaled destination for adventure seekers with so much going on here that it will blow your mind.


  • Discover the ancient Inca masterpiece of Machu Picchu, and explore Cuzco's most iconic treasures and the Sacred Valley.

  • Fly over the Nazca Lines in the desert.

  • Float down an Amazonian tributary while enjoying its flora and fauna.

  • For those looking for adrenaline, how about an overnight at 1250 ft high pods?

  • Indulge your taste buds in the country with the best cuisine on the planet.

  • Enjoy a rail adventure in the Andean Explorer from Wanchaq, Cusco to Puno, and the shores of Lake Titicaca.

  • Explore one of Peru's hidden gems that were secluded from the outside world until 15 years ago— The region of Chachapoyas and Kuelap.


Italy is a country that has so much to offer with its long stretches of Mediterranean and Amalfi coastline. Head to Florence for renaissance architecture, or Venice, "the city of water," where you can enjoy some fantastic seafood pasta dishes while taking in the view from one side over rooftops made out grain silos on another-- what's not stunning here? As well as beautiful cities, Italy also contains brilliant coastal scenery like Sicily's island paradise location Naxos Town which offers luxury villas overlooking crystal clear pools.


  • Walk through Milan— home of Italian futurism and the motor car and stroll the Quadrilatero d'Oro for retail therapy.

  • Indulge in Italy's dolce vita exploring lake Como from the air.

  • Get close and personal with Europe's highest volcano.

  • Explore tales of emperors, gladiators, wealth, and war underneath the impressive Colosseum and enroll in Gladiator School for a day.
    * Join the Piedmont truffle hunt.

  • Experience Lake Garda on a private boat.

  • Relax in Puglia's limestone clifftop towns and patient Adriatic waters.

  • Zip along the coast in your own classic open-top Alfa Romeo.

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