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Taking Stock in Stockholm

What can a vacation in Stockholm, Sweden look like? I’m sharing my top ideas of what the capital city has to offer. Here are my picks for the top five must-see Swede-spots that go far beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Travel in Style

Stockholm’s Tunnelbana metro is one of the most reliable in the world, but that's not all that is unique about it. Each metro station holds a different theme, and 90 out of the 100 stations are filled with miles of artwork by more than 150 artists. My personal favorite is the rainbow mural which can be seen at Station metro station. From light-up effects to walls and walls of murals, Stockholm’s metro art is a sight you don't want to miss.

Go Back in Time

In historic Gamla Stan—or as the locals call, it “Old Town”— most of the building date back to the 1700s. Multiple museums can be found here including the ever popular Nobel Museum where you can step back in time to the life of Nobel Peace Prize founder, Alfred Nobel. You can also find dozens of cafés and shops in the area, I recommend Cozy Cafe for the best Chai Latte in all of Stockholm. Although filled with tourists at times, Gamla Stan’s colorful townhouses and cobblestone streets have a charming old-world feeling that you can't find anywhere else.

Let it All Hang Out

Sitting on top of one of Stockholm’s tallest structures is the restaurant Gondolen. The food there is quite good, but what makes this location stand out is the incredible view. Hiking up what seems like dozens of flights of stairs lands you at a lookout bridge where you can see the entirety of the city. The view from the top of this restaurant is worth the hike, and the best part is you don't have to eat there to take a look.

Grow in the Garden

A ten-minute ferry ride will take you to Djurgården, an island filled with must-see attractions.

The most popular destination on the island is the amusement park Gröna Lund, but the real must-see place is the Vasa Museum. This museum houses the only intact 17th-century Viking ship in the world. A tour around the museum will take less than an hour and you can learn all about the history that makes the Vasa ship so special.

Be the Center of Attention

T-Centralen is the only place in the city where all three lines of the Tunnelbana meet. Attached to the station are multiple shopping destinations, and just a quick walk up a flight of stairs leads you to rows and rows of more shops and restaurants. I recommend checking out Sweden's largest department store NK, think Bloomingdale's times 5. This area is always buzzing with street performers and artists. You can find anything from tourist shops to high-end designer stores, making this the prime location for shopping in Stockholm.

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