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Tokyo: Top 15 Attractions You Can't Miss On Your Next Visit.

Considered the ultimate Metropolis, Tokyo is one of the world's most vibrant cities. Its cutting-edge architecture, urban design, and high-tech modern living define the world's largest city. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find age-old temples, shrines, and stone lanterns tucked amongst outlandish, cartoonish creations and the neon-lit nightlife. It is this contradictory nature that forms the beauty of this extraordinary city.

Tokyo is the beating heart of Japan, so when you finally take action to visit, make sure you can see the city's most significant locations and landmarks. To make planning your trip more exciting, below, you will find 15 top attractions to explore in the Land of the Rising Sun:

1.- Check Out Themed Cafes - Japan is known for its exciting niche cafes. Dine with monkeys or get served by your favorite cartoon characters. If you can fathom it, there's likely a cafe for it.

2.- Relax in a Shrine - Not only can you relax in a shrine, but you can spend the night in one too.

3.- Attend a Sumo Match - Sumo is an admired sport in Japan. If you can, go to a match or watch the Sumo wrestlers practice in the mornings.

4.- Partake in a Tea Ceremony - Tea ceremonies, especially Matcha tea ceremonies, are insanely popular.

5.- Attend an Anime Convention - Manga and anime are huge in Japan. On the island of Odaiba, you can attend the country's largest convention, Comiket, from August to December.

6.- Shop in Asakusa - The Asakusa District is the best place to find a traditional kimono and enjoy a little shopping.

7.- Sleep at a Ryokan - Staying at one of these inns is one of the most magnificent and intimate ways to experience Japanese hospitality.

8.- Experience a Festival - Matsuris (festivals) are exhilarating and a fantastic way to indulge in the Japanese culture. Enjoy street food, geishas, parades, dancing, music, and lots of bright colors.

9.- Soak in Natural Spring Water - An onsen is a natural hot spring that many come to soak and relax in.

10.- Visit Izakaya Alleys - Izakaya alleys are Japanese gastropubs where the residents go to have drinks and snacks in the afternoon.

11.- Check Out an Art Museum - There are dozens of art museums in Tokyo. Try to visit a few, including the Mori Art Museum.

12.- Experience Hanami - It is a tradition to picnic under the cherry blossoms after blooming in the spring.

13.- Wander Through the Sensoji Temple - Nestled in the Asakusa district, the Sensoji Temple is undoubtedly an ancient sight to behold.

14.- Enjoy City Views from the Tokyo Tower - Go to the Tokyo Tower's main observation deck for a breathtaking sight of the city.

15.- Join a Mario Kart Race - Go-karting is popular in Tokyo and mainly includes dressing up as your favorite Mario character.

With a diversity of adventures to be had in Tokyo, it's impossible not to have this fantastic destination on our bucket list. Seems overwhelming, huge, and thrilling? Come with us to Japan, and we'll cut through the language barrier, the options, and the indecision.

Together, we'll plan out your exciting trip to Tokyo, including all the attractions and places that interest you the most. Contact us at any time to start planning.

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