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10 Amazing Attractions You Can'tMiss When Visiting Belgium

Belgium is just a tiny country, but it hides so much inside of its borders. Whether you're looking for historic sites or attractions, this small nation has them in droves! And while your travel agent will have an itinerary prepared ahead of time, here are some things to keep on the lookout for when exploring Belgium's many wonders…

1. Grand Place, Brussels.

Grand Place is teeming with remarkable elegance. The awe-inspiring architecture and historical sites will leave you in complete wonderment. Hint: the town hall balcony offers an unparalleled view of Grand Place, so make sure to take this opportunity!

2. The Battlefields of Flanders.

Walk among the thousands of tombstones and endless cemeteries to pay your respect to fallen soldiers. The Battlefield of Flanders is a must-see for history lovers who want an immersive experience that will break their hearts as they walk through one cemetery after another, reading nameplates with faces from every era imaginable, staring back at them in sadness.

3. The Canals and Belfry of Bruges.

Bruges has some of the most beautiful canals in Europe. The walkways are lined with flowers and trees, leading you to bridges that seem like they're out of a fairytale or from an old European painting. It's easy to get lost, but locals will gladly point you back on your way if need be!

4. Ghent's Gravensteen and Old Town.

The Counts of Flanders once called this magnificent fortress their home. This moated castle is one of the last remaining castles from when knights were defenders rather than attackers and conquerors. Climbing its massive stone walls should be on everyone's bucket list before it vanishes forever into history!

5. Horta Museum and Town Houses.

You must take time to visit one of Victor Horta's surviving buildings from the early 20th century. Look at the original stained glass mosaics and meticulous woodwork for decorations that are sure not to disappoint.

6. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent.

It's an imposing Gothic and Romanesque church in the city of Ghent. The structure, built from typical medieval architectural techniques such as ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, pointed arches, and stained glass windows, has been named one of Belgium's most significant tourist attractions for its beauty to 1350 AD.

7. Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges.

The Cathedral of Saint Bravo may be beautiful; however, if there was one cathedral worth visiting in Brugeois City, it would have to be The Basilica Of Holy Blood because its stunning architecture and pristine grounds complement a rich historical meaning behind every single detail found within these walls.

8. Grand Place, Antwerp.

Visit the most significant examples of guild house architecture in Belgium. The Grote Markt is a 16th century square with buildings reminiscent of those found centuries ago, including the Town Hall and Coopers' House. If you're looking for some food while exploring this beautiful city, then head over to Grocers' House, where you can find fresh produce and spices galore!

9. Meuse Valley.

Belgium's countryside is a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Meuse Valley sits along with Belgium's thick forests, old-fashioned towns, limestone cliffs, and other natural sites for those who love exploring nature.

10. Mons Old Town.

The city of Mons Old Town is a sight to see! This town has many opportunities for exploration. The architecture here is beautiful and ornate with intricate designs, which you can explore as you wander through the center of this historic area in your travels.

Belgium is a fantastic place to escape from it all. It will encourage you to create memories you won't ever forget. So, get ready to plan your trip and contact us for more information. Together, we will design the perfect itinerary for your visit to one of the world's most beautiful places.

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