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10 Best Holiday Destinations For 2020

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Planning to take a break and unplug yourself from an exhausting routine, but worrying about the best holiday destinations for 2020? We get it! That's why we have gathered together the ten most sought-after holiday destinations that you can add to your bucket list. Check them out:

1.- Kyoto, Japán

If you're the one who takes an interest in historical and cultural places, be sure Kyoto is on your list. By visiting the most prominent ancient city of Japan, Kyoto, you can enjoy the charming streetscape of the old town, shrines, and temples embracing a rich cultural history. If you are a big fan of the Olympics, it is pleasing to know that Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympic games.

2.- Panama

For the ecotourists and tourists that rave about nature, Panama can be the best place to visit in 2020. You can find a wide range of top-notch attractions, mountains, and breath-taking tropical rainforests. If you are a sea lover, Panama has got intriguing beaches and islands with crystal clear water.

3.- Morocco

Rabat (Capital of Morocco), albeit known as 'unsung hero,' it is one of the 'chill' city embracing relaxed and fascinating spots. Summer is a great time to visit this place; its enchanting seaside can be delightful for tourists. You will never find Morocco boring due to its historical sites crafted with unique architecture.

4.- Sicily, Italy

Are you after beaches this summer? Sicily is the archipelago of idyllic islands. Paying a visit to the beach in Sicily is the must thing for travelers. Be sure you visit Favignana (biggest of the Egadi Archipelago), which is a beautiful and liveliest island that Sicily has got. Levanzo, although the smallest island, can give scuba enthusiasts a great experience of its underwater world.

5.- Philippines

You will find world-class diving and surfing along with a plentiful of islands with picturesque scenery in the Philippines, specially Siargao. Pristine beaches of Siargao with its mangrove forests and trees of coconut palms lure the tourists. Chill out this summer in the powdery-white sand of Boracay island to refresh your tiring soul.

6.- Ireland

Searching for traditional bohemian culture, Galway can be the best choice to travel. It is one of the most pleasant destinations in Ireland. You can experience the most thrilling attractions on the doorstep of Galway, such as Cliffs of Moher, Aran Island, Burren, and if you love nature and its wild beauty, make sure; you explore 'Connemara.'

7.- Brazil

If you've heard of the Amazon fires in 2019 and its devastation, it is the best chance to support Brazil by visiting its tourists' destinations. Be a responsible ecotourist this year, visit Salvador and experience its beautiful monasteries and churches rich in architecture. Not only this, its idyllic beach such as 'Praia do Porto da Barra' will win your heart over.

8.- Pakistan

Disillusioned tales of Taliban rule and terrorism in Pakistan standstill its tourism. However, after a royal visit paid by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has elevated its tourism profile. For all the intrepid tourists out there, Pakistan is bountiful of exquisite landscapes, taller mountain peaks serving as a magnetic spot specifically for hikers.

9.- The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

It is satisfying to know that after the deadliest hurricanes like Maria and Irma that struck Atlantic, most alluring tourist destination 'BVI' has recovered. You can now spend your holidays on the various islands sprinkled like emerald between the North Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. Soak up yourself this summer on the widely visited island-like Tortola.

10.- France

France shuns the tourists with a multivariate of the destinations offering sea, sun, and mountainous experience all year round. The rolling countryside, iconic Eiffel Tower, majestic Disneyland, wineries, and museums filled with the world's iconic exemplary heritage are some of the many reasons to visit France in 2020.

These ten best destinations can be the central hub for the lovers, the foodies, the art and history buffs, and the culture enthusiasts. Feeling inspired? Our expert travel designers are always on hand to help you plan your trip and make your 2020 a memorable year. Click here to contact us.

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