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10 Experiences For Kids To Inspire Your Next Family Vacation

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Choosing a vacation destination for the whole family is a challenge. Parents want to relax, and kids want to let loose and have fun. Kids need to have a fun vacation, too. With the right experiences, they can! Plan a fun-filled family trip around these activities.

Camel riding in Australia

Australia is a country full of beautiful coasts, creatures, and--apparently--camels. Kids can hop on a train of camels to explore the beautiful Uluru-Kata Tjuta, National Park. They'll get to see stunning views, a beautiful sunrise, and learn all about camels. This tour is fun for kids and educational.

Volcano surfing in Nicaragua

Kids can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience by sandboarding through the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. They can be as dangerous or lax as they want. Kids can surf down the ash-covered hills by standing or sitting on their board. This will be a welcome adventure after hiking up the volcano, and a way for the kids to release their adrenaline.

Become a Ninja in Japan

Ninjas seem cool to parents and children alike. Lucky for families looking to visit Japan, they can take ninja lessons in Tokyo. Parents can take a break from the kids and get dressed up in ninja gear for a day full of ninja sword-filled fun. Parents can also partake in the activities at their own risk.

Gladiator training in Italy

The Capital of Italy, Rome, is home to the stunning Colosseum. It is here that gladiators fought to the death for the entertainment of the Romans. Children won't do anything near as drastic, but they can attend gladiator schools at the Colosseum. They'll be able to use fake weapons and gear to become real gladiators and fight with their families. Kids and parents will learn the history of gladiators, get great views of the Colosseum, and have an experience they'll never forget.

Reindeer sightseeing in Finland

If there is one thing real about (most) kids, they love Santa Claus. Santa Claus brings them toys, eats their cookies, and best of all, he has reindeer. Now, kids will get to visit reindeer and enjoy winter wonders. They can feed the reindeer, sip some hot chocolate, and take a sleigh ride through Lapland.

Explore ancient ruins by sidecar in Morocco

The African country of Morocco is known for its deserts and scenic ruins. Why not visit these ruins in style? Families can be taken on a tour through underground channels and buzzing through the bustling streets of Marrakesh

Jeep through Iceland's golden circle.

The Golden Circle in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a must-visit. This circle connects three of Iceland's most notable attractions: Pingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall. Explore these attractions in style in a jeep with the family. The kids will love feeling the wind in their air as they see beautiful sights.

Elephant experience in Thailand

Kids will love getting to know the elephants in Thailand. They'll get the chance to meet elephants in Chiang Rai. They'll learn all about their lifestyle and then bathe, feed, and ride them. Kids who love animals will especially love getting to know these sweet creatures.

Meeting turtles in Antigua

The world is changing due to global warming and climate change. The Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project in Antigua works to conserve the environment and turtles. Families will get to work with this project to seek turtle shells and make sure they hatch. This is a great experience, and it does a world of good for the turtles.

Watch the Guards change in England

The queen's guards are dignified and orderly. Their changing ceremony is tactical and so cool to observe. Kids will love watching the precision of the guards and trying to make them smile or laugh. If they're lucky, they may even see the queen.

These experiences will create a family trip your kids will never forget. Whether they like swimming, animals, or seeing the city, there is something for everyone. Ensure your next trip is as exciting as it should be and that your kids have something incredible to experience. If you need help to find the trip that best suits your interest and needs, we're always on hand to help! Shoot us a challenge, and we will craft something that your entire family will love.

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