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11 Best Stress Relieving Places In Latin America

Nowadays, in a busy environment where we develop, stress takes hold of us when we least imagine it. It is imperative to take a trip that rejuvenates us and completely releases us from fear and reconnects our spirit, soul, and body again.

I know... You must be thinking about how stressful it would be taking care of yourself of all the details for your journey, but I'll talk about that in the end, I promise!

But first, let me introduce to you these 11 places where you can reconnect with yourself and enjoy every moment. You might be expecting a list that goes something like: "Cancun, Cuba or Dominican Republic, but you'd be wrong... Let's get into it!

1.- Ambergris Caye, Belize

Runaway from all responsibility to this Central American haven for a week of pure, unadulterated relaxation and exploration. Most well known for its underwater sinkhole commonly called the Great Blue Hole, there is so much more to discover in Belize.

Ancient Mayan ruins, thick, rich rain forests, pearlescent beaches, and the world's second-largest barrier reef; these are only a handful of the wonders of Belize. This colorful, vibrant country is ripe for the picking and will offer you anything from peace and tranquility to high-throttle adventure. Above all, the means to de-stress.

2.- Patagonia, Chile

If you're looking to escape from work for a little more than stress relief, we recommend exploring the dense jungles of wild Patagonia and the world-famous Torres del Paine National Park. It's stunning.

Stop off in Puerto Natales, a lively and colorful town on the shores of Seno de Ultima Esperanza before taking a scenic journey to Cueva de Milodon, a massive prehistoric cave. Around here, the sun only sets at about 11 pm, so you'll have plenty of time to appreciate the inspiring sight of the Patagonian steppe, complete with grazing guanacos and snow-capped mountain peak horizons.

3.- Guacalito, Nicaragua

If you're looking for peaceful beaches where you can get away from it all, this could be one of the best places to do that. Guacalito isn't a secret; you can tell through only sights and sounds. It is a secret that requires a full, uncharted experience complete with excursions to nearby beaches and villages, tastes of authentic food and legendary Flor de Caña rum, and world-class surfing excursions.

You can relax and reconnect with your inner person enjoying every single moment in this piece of paradise.

4.- Oaxaca, México

The state of Oaxaca has special magic felt by Mexicans and foreigners alike. A bastion of indigenous culture, it's home to the country's most vibrant crafts and art scene, some outstandingly colorful and extroverted festivities, uniquely savory cuisine and diverse natural riches.

In every way, the center of the state stands beautiful, colonial Oaxaca city, an elegant and fascinating cultural hub. Nearby, the forested Sierra Norte is home to successful community-tourism ventures enabling visitors to hike, bike, and ride horses amid delicious green mountainscapes.

To the south, across rugged, remote ranges, is Oaxaca's fabulous tropical coast, with its wide sandy beaches, pumping Pacific surf, seas full of dolphins and turtles, and a string of beach towns and villages that will satisfy even the most anxious of travelers: surfer-heaven Puerto Escondido; planned but relaxed Bahías de Huatulco; and the sweet delights of Mazunte, Zipolite, and San Agustinillo.

5.- Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua's corrugated coasts cradle hundreds of perfect little coves lapped by beguiling enamel-blue water. Simultaneously, the sheltered bays have provided refuge for everyone, from Admiral Nelson to buccaneers and yachties. If you can tear yourself away from that towel, you'll discover that there's a distinct English accent on this Island.

You'll find it in the bustling capital of St John's, in salty-glamorous English Harbour, and the historical forts and other vestiges of the colonial past. Yet, Antigua is also the quintessential Caribbean, full of candy-colored villages, a rum-infused mellowness, and engaging locals who'll greet you with broad smiles.

6.- Costa Rica (Couldn't find just one option)

Sure, you've heard the phrase "Pura Vida" thrown around in regards to Costa Rica, but you might not fully get it…yet. Translated directly from Spanish, it means "pure life," but there's a lot more contained in these two little words than that. Every Tico (aka, Costa Rican) you'll meet will have a slightly different way of looking at it, but primarily "Pura Vida" represents a philosophy of enjoying life to its fullest. At a slow pace, so you can be present in every moment.

The words are used as a greeting, a farewell, an exclamatory remark to express gratitude or satisfaction …we're practically talking about a belief system here. Take it as a constant reminder to relax and de-stress — and in Costa Rica, you have options, the best ways to take care of your body, mind, and soul, and — even in the age of digital distraction — stay in the moment.

7.- Cartagena, Colombia

Discover the perfect balance of beautiful scenery and quiet contemplation for relaxing days in Colombia. Let your body flow in Cartagena with a yoga session and your mouth water on an included street food tour.

Spend a day by the crystal clear waters on the Rosario Islands and then journey to your property outside Tayrona National Park. There you'll treat both body and mind to a hike and a healing visit to the sacred pools of Aluna Springs. Let the inner you flow with the music, the colonial scenarios, and the nature surrounding this fantastic place.

8.- Saint Lucia Island

Leave behind the hectic pace of daily life — in St. Lucia; you're on island time. It means it's time to relax and unwind while nourishing your mind, body, and soul, and this beautiful Island will help you relax and enjoy your vacation.

This Caribbean Island offers world-class hotels, including many popular all-inclusive resorts and breathtaking scenery. Honeymooners can bask in Saint Lucia's quiet romance, while families can enjoy an abundance of land and water activities.

There is truly something for everyone in Saint Lucia — romantic escapes, golfing getaways, nature hikes, and water sports of all kinds, including superb diving and snorkeling. From lively cafes, golden-sand beaches, amazing natural sites and, of course, shopping! This is a relaxing and rejuvenating place, don't you think?

9.- Mendoza, Argentina

Pack up your bag and not your stress to launch your tension-free time-off, take the opportunity for a trip where you can have all your worries melt away in Mendoza Wine Region.

After you've indulged yourself by getting a massage treatment, decompressing within the sauna, or lounging your resort poolside, you can put on your explorer's cap and uncover the hidden gems of Mendoza Wine Region. Discovering incredible foods, curio shops, or a happening venue can be one of the many highlights of your trip.

10.- Aruba

The draws are obvious: miles of glorious white-sand beach, plenty of all-inclusive resorts, and a cute, compact capital, Oranjestad, which is well suited to the short strolls favored by cruise-ship passengers. It's all about the sun & fun.

Venture away from the resorts, and you're in for a real treat. At the Island's extreme ends are rugged, windswept vistas and uncrowded beaches – perfect for hiking and horseback riding. Crystal-clear waters are bursting with sea life and shipwrecks (and an airplane wreck or two), providing incredible opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Constant breezes create near-perfect conditions for windsurfing and kite-boarding.

So whether you're longing to lounge on a beach or delve into the great outdoors, Aruba has you covered. One happy Island, indeed!

11.- Roatan Island, Honduras

Found off the north coast of Honduras in the beautiful surroundings of the Caribbean Sea, Roatan is the tropical island of dreams. Surrounded by one of the world's most bio-diverse coral reefs, the Island has long been a favorite amongst divers and snorkelers looking to explore the unbelievably vast array of marine life that live off the coast.

Away from the stunning beaches and picturesque coastline, Roatan has a beautiful, green and mountainous interior that is becoming an eco-tourism hotspot, with adventurous opportunities awaiting those looking to explore.

There's so much to see and enjoy in this beautiful part of the world that choosing these places was pretty hard. They have everything you need to relax, rejuvenate, reconnect, and rediscover yourself and come back home as a brand new you.

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