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5 Places You Must See During Your Visit To Los Cabos

5 places you must see during your visit to Los Cabos

If you've ever wanted to visit Mexico, then Los Cabos is the perfect vacation spot. Located at the southernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula and only a quick flight from US soil, this resort town has it all— incredible beaches surrounded by brilliant blue waters that are sure to make any traveler feel like they're in paradise.

It's also THE perfect place for an active nightlife scene with exciting restaurants where guests can explore Mexican culture while eating delicious food prepared by skilled chefs who have traveled worldwide for inspiration. As well as cultural sites such as museums showcasing traditional artwork or shops filled with unique souvenirs, so travelers will always be able to remember their time here fondly. With plenty of attractions to explore, here are five places you absolutely must check out during your visit to Los Cabos:

1. El Arco and Playa De Amor

The Rocky Arch of Cabo San Lucas is the most brilliant natural training venue for cliff diving. The rock formation, which can be seen anywhere in town and has been a landmark since long before modern tourism came to Baja California, provides endless inspiration with its breathtaking views and challenging archway that all climbers must conquer. To get your adrenaline pumping or soothe your soul at any time of day on this vast stretch of sandy land lined by crystal clear blue waters, you need only take one quick walk out onto Playa de Amor. A place for both calm waters and the raging surf of the Pacific Ocean. The two are so near each other that walking to one side brings you there, while going in the opposite direction will transport you to another world with waves chasing against shorelines all around you.

2. Cabo Pulmo National Park

One of the most treasured marine parks on our continent, Cabo Pulmo National Park, is home to only three coral reefs in all of North America. Estimated at 20,000 years old and considered the oldest in the American Pacific Ocean by many scientists alike, this reef provides a habitat for various species that cannot be found anywhere else.

3. Mission San José del Cabo Church

The most famous landmark in all of Los Cabos is the Colonial-style parish church. It was built near the beach at first, but later it moved further inland to protect from invasions and attacks. In 1735, five years after Mission San Jose was founded, a revolt among locals resulted in missionary Nicolás Tamaral being sacrificed by Pericú culture members. Today you can still visit the mission's church and see the tiled mural above the door depicting the events.

4. San José del Cabo Art Walk

Los Cabos is a one-of-a-kind destination for anyone who loves arts and culture. Walk its streets and explore a vibrant culture by visiting the art district. Gallery openings are just one reason to visit this exciting area with various artists in attendance sessions also available for viewing! It's not all work, though - live performances can be found on some street corners as well, while restaurants offer tempting farm-to-table food options.

5. Los Cabos Marina and Whale Watching

There is no shortage of adventures to be had at the bustling marina. From whale-watching tours, kayaking excursions, and luxury boat trips to oceanfront eateries serving ceviche and tacos next door in lively bars on a spacious boardwalk, there's something for everyone! And if you're looking for high-end boutiques or casual stores that are perfect when it gets too hot out...they've got those as well!

Los Cabos is a hotspot for travelers, and it's easy to see why! Make sure to reach out to us when you're ready for an unforgettable experience in Baja California Sur.

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