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6 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Agent To Book Your Trips

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

In today's age of technology, booking trips online is a natural choice for travelers; So the big question is, why should you use a Travel Professional?

I used to ask myself the same question, why do I need a travel agent to plan a trip if I can do it myself? One day, I discovered why, when I had an issue with something during my trip, I didn't know how to fix it.

Yes, I learned my lesson in a hard way; and for that reason, I invite you to consider this: two trips advertised online, the same price, and the same destination. One is a dream come true, and the other is a complete nightmare. Do you know which is which? Exactly. This would be a good time to call your Travel Agent.

As an experienced traveler that became a Travel Agent, I was trying to simplify a list of great reasons to use a Travel Advisor to book your trips, so you could be confident that your journey is well taken care of.

Putting together all the pieces and also experiences from other travelers, here are the top 6 reasons why you should need to book your trips with a Travel Agent.

1.- Investing in a travel package is a unique investment because you're investing in both a product & a service.

The Travel Agent knows this and can help you find the best rates and the best options for you and your companions to enjoy your trip. They'll keep you updated on each detail and will keep you involved in it. Remember that You're NOT investing in just a trip, you are investing in Experiences and Memories.

2.- We are on the cutting edge of what is new in the Travel Industry.

Travel Agents are kept in the loop about new resorts, cruise ships, tours, and other services, and we have great relationships with our best travel partners. The latter follow us informed about the latest and most exceptional offerings they have, often by in-office training sessions or online webinars. If you want to travel on the latest and greatest, booking with us is the way to go!

3.- We save YOU time, money, and also offer our expertise and knowledge to help you book the trip of your dreams.

Like a Doctor or an Accountant, the Travel Agent will ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers and understand what you would like on your trip. We will offer our experienced advice to guide you in making one of your most important decisions – How to invest your valuable time off.

We have a fantastic set of resources at our fingertips. Most Travel Agents would charge you a planning fee, but believe me, and it doesn't compare with the time and money that we could save for you. And also the added value that you could get on your trips such as upgrades with airlines, a reservation in that restaurant that you want to visit on your trip, and a lot of great things that we can do for you. Of course, you have the internet, but how much time do you have to do the research?

4.- We have your back on your entire trip.

Stuff happens. When things go wrong, a Travel Agent knows whom to call to get it fixed. If your flight is canceled, have a seat and pick up the phone while the rest are lined up trying to rebook. Didn't get the room category you booked? No need to argue with the front desk; one call will get it corrected. Luggage gets lost, people get sick, and trips need to be canceled. Your Agent can offer insurance in many different ways to cover anything that could arise on your journey.

5.- We will check if you have the correct documentation to travel

A Travel Agent will ensure that you have a valid passport, visa information, or any other important and relevant documents so that the ship doesn't sail without you. When things go wrong, they have the resources and the contacts to get their clients to the head of the line.

6.- The internet didn't call you back when you had to cancel your travel plans during the pandemic.

As hard as it sounds, this is our reality. When the pandemic started, you had to wait for a long, long, long time to speak with someone to cancel or reschedule your travels and then receive the news that you needed to call them back within 72 hours before your trip- this scenario is if you managed to talk to someone on the phone. Most of you didn't even get the chance to speak with someone because the lines were jam-packed, and after being on hold for more than 30 minutes, the phone call mysteriously got interrupted. It shouldn't be that way.

When you book with a travel advisor, you have the peace of mind that you will receive a phone call explaining the situation and also give you the expert inside on how to handle your travels so you can decide on what to do next. Cancel or reschedule? You'll be confident that every detail will be well taken care of with the flexibility, comfort, and support you need.

Planning the trip by yourself could be a good thing, but if you want to change a good trip into a memorable one, look for the help of a Travel Advisor.

We're expert Travel Advisors that design journeys for those seeking the exceptional and exclusive. People who wish to go beyond the typical and venture deeper, getting away from the crowds and experiencing something truly special. When we plan vacations for our clients, they feel supported, in control, and relaxed.

Request a call back with one of our experts, to talk about the trip that best suits your travel style and make a memorable experience with the one you love the most.

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