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5 World's Best River Cruise Experiences Worth To Be Added To Your Bucket List

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

River cruising is the ultimate way to explore a new destination. Given their constant proximity to land, it has seen a spike of interest over the past few years. It is an inherently different experience from ocean cruising as ships are smaller, tailored to a more private experience— perfect for travelers looking for ways of spending more time in the open air away from large crowds. From spotting wildlife on an African cruise safari to traveling down the Mekong in Cambodia, these five river cruise experiences are the world's most exceptional experiences for one reason… They are awe-inspiring.

Classic Christmas Markets

Imagine yourself on a fairytale trip back in time where people gathered in cobbled street cities to buy unique ingredients to prepare the delicacies of the holiday season. The aromas of mulled wine prepared with spices and music while shopping and chatting with all local merchants... That's how memorable the first Christmas markets were 500 years ago. In our times, although the lights that adorn these dream places are electric instead of torches, the games and the hubbub of this beautiful season prevail. This itinerary transports you to beautiful towns full of stories that you have read in children's stories and a pleasant and festive atmosphere where you can delight your palate with traditional Christmas treats.

Sail through Germany and embrace its Christmas spirit enjoying the famous apple cider from Frankfurt and the delicious gingerbread from Nuremberg. It is an experience for those who want to live the fantastic feeling of the holidays while discovering the legends of this land full of fantasy and its most popular Christmas traditions.

Timeless Wonders Of Vietnam, Cambodia, And The Mekong

Explore two of the most beautiful culturally and historically rich places in Asia — Vietnam and Cambodia envelop us in their unique charms and complex past. An immersive experience of these emblematic places goes far beyond just visiting their attractions; it is about the stories told by the locals throughout the tour.

Offering a heady mix of old and new, Ho Chi Minh often surprises its visitors with its charm. The Mekong, full of colorful floating villages and memories of its French colonial past, really reveals a vibrant world along its shores. Delve into the peaks and valleys of Cambodia's history at the Royal Palace and National Museums located in its beautiful capital, Phnom Penh, and witness skilled artisans creating exquisite crafts and delicious local cuisine in a fascinating, rewarding, and transformative adventure.

Rivers And Rails Of Africa

If you are looking for a true adventure, this will be the perfect experience for you. With three nights in Cape Town, a 4-night safari river cruise, 2-nights in Victoria Falls, and three nights in Rovos, Rail, this itinerary promises lots of fun and exploration. It starts with the greatness of Cape Town, where you'll explore one of the world's most breathtaking routes, taking you past the 12 apostles, Hout Bay and Chapman's Peak.

Next, you'll experience the beauty of Boulders Beach, home to thousands of African penguins, and then be pampered to lunch with drinks overlooking beautiful False Bay. If you think you've seen it all, maybe a cableway up to Table Mountain will change your mind. And how about ending this memorable experience with a trip to the Cape Winelands to visit two of its best vineyards, where you will be tasting Africa's best wine. From Cape Town, you'll fly north to the borders of Namibia and Botswana, where your river cruise safari starts aboard the Zambezi Queen. Marvel in the Chobe National Park's breathtaking scenery and witness its magnificent Elephants splashing in the water and the stealthy lions ruling over the plains.

Then, you'll be headed to the UNESCO-designated Victoria Falls for a two-night experience. You'll learn about its history, the flora and fauna that make this area so unique, and will embark on a private sunset cruise along the Zambezi River to observe a variety of games while enjoying a delicious mix of tapas with drinks followed by a special dinner with live local entertainment. And finally, a perfectly tailored 3-night rail experience is awaiting… you'll be traveling a thousand miles through Zimbabwe and on to South Africa onboard the Rovos Rail luxury train. During this trip, you'll experience five-star cuisine, excellent South African wines, extraordinary scenery, fantastic wildlife, and a unique safari adventure at Hwange Game Reserve as you journey through southern Africa.

Sail The Nile In Style In A Dahabiya

Away from the crowds and at our own pace, this is how we like to explore a destination. On a visit to Egypt, that means stepping out of the bustle of the cities and the desert to board a Dahabiya — a vessel used by aristocrats in ancient Egypt to cruise the majestic Nile in style driven by the gentle winds of the Nile, while the route full of myths and legends flows where you will immerse yourself in a more authentic Egypt.

Explore off-the-beaten-path sites and walk through remote villages learning about the daily lives of the locals so you can experience Egypt that few can see. And if you want to taste Egypt's traditional cuisine. This tour is the right one since you will enjoy the most exquisite and inspiring dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from farmers and fishers along the river.

Explore The Amazon River

An Amazon River cruise experience is, without a doubt, the world's most rewarding nature expedition. Also known as Rio Amazonas, this great waterway originates from the Andean foothills in Peru and flows east on a four thousand mil course towards the Atlantic Ocean.

This biodiverse ecosystem houses the most diverse collection of flora and fauna. It is a very intimate experience with wildlife, nature, and culture for small groups so we can limit our environmental footprint and transform an Amazon cruise adventure into a profoundly personal experience.

Just as captivating is the scene above the water where yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles meander along the muddy shoreline, sapphire blue beaked Amazon kingfishers streak past. And antediluvian prehistoric hoatzin birds alight on high branches close to dusky titi monkeys frolicking in the tree canopy.

Navigating a river means enjoying all the comforts of a traditional cruise, along with all the benefits of traveling inland. By stopping at various destinations on each trip, you will visit bustling cities and hidden gem towns, only unpacking once. And even while onboard, you'll be immersed in local sights, with ever-changing views right outside your window.

If you're looking for an immersive experience that will change your travel horizon forever, contact us today! We can help you find the river cruise experience that best suits your travel style.

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