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7 Fantastic Destinations For A Family Vacation

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Nowadays, more families are discovering that traveling all together can be a fantastic and bonding experience for everyone. From the memories created for children to the novel way of seeing the world with young ones, a family vacation can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding events in life.

Spend some quality time with your tribe, old or young, on one of these fantastic destinations.


If you’re thinking of taking the whole family for an unforgettable journey and you want this experience to enrich all of your lives, from the grandparents right down to the toddlers, Uganda is the perfect destination. Forget about the rollercoasters and immerse yourself in an authentic safari experience.

Home to most of the country’s national parks, reserves, and natural attractions, it offers spectacular wildlife, astonishing landscapes to explore, and lots of outdoor activities.

Galapagos Islands

These islands are home to some of the rarest animals on the planet, and this experience will give the whole family a unique opportunity to learn about the biology and diversity of this paradise.

This is an excellent family adventure, and there are many reasons to fall in love with the Galapagos. To enhance this experience, spare some time in Quito and Santa Cruz Island, where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones visiting the colorful local markets or jump into the line that divides both hemispheres.


There’s no better way to introduce you to the history, culture, and distinct charm of Europe than taking a trip to London where any time is a great time to visit Big Ben’s city. From the London Eye, the Trafalgar Square, and the Science Museum to the magnificent SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Westminster Abbey, and Hyde Park, Close to Nothing Hill; England is covered in entertainment and sightseeing for the entire tribe.

It is a cultural and historical hub, this city has an array of museums, galleries, theaters, and landmarks, and so much more to see. While there are no traditional all-inclusive resorts in London, there are several hotels that offer vacation packages and family-friendly accommodations.


Culture, history, wildlife, spectacular landscapes, and buzzing cities – China has all the ingredients for a memorable family adventure. China is a land of skyscrapers, gleaming shopping centers, and state of the art technology. But this foreign country is a place where old and young can meet in parks to practice ancient martial arts such as tai chi, where narrow alleyways are crammed with steaming pots of fresh dumplings, and where buffalo plod through muddy paddy fields, tilling the land as they have done for millennia.

There is always something to experience on our China family holidays and plenty to challenge and delight both the novice and experienced traveler.


If you can tear yourself away from your All-Inclusive family-friendly hotel, then Corfu has plenty to offer families. This Greek Island has more than 200 kilometers of coastline waiting to be explored by you, which means that you will have lots of beach days — either on sand or pebble and shingle beaches. To make the most memorable experience while visiting Corfu, enjoy exploring the various local markets at different villages and the cozy tavernas in the sleepy hamlets during your stay.

For a spot of culture, that the whole family will enjoy, a trip to the lively fishing-village of Paleokastritsa with its 13th-century monastery overlooking the sea is something that you need to consider adding in your itinerary. Enjoy the more uncomplicated but unforgettable things in life with a family holiday to Corfu.

Costa Rica

The incredible variety of Costa Rica makes it a fantastic place to bring your family for a trip that provides so much more. From the nature of the rainforest to the stunning sight of Arenal Volcano and the many beautiful beaches, we can make sure that you and your family make the very most of your holiday time.

From misty cloud forests to ancient volcanic landscapes fringed by the jungle, Costa Rica will charm you with natural wonders. Encounter wildlife and mesmerizing places as we float, hike, and zip-line on a fun-filled family adventure. Peer at white-faced capuchins, jaguars, howler monkeys, sloths, caimans, toucans, and abundant wildlife. Swing through the cloud forest canopy on a zip line and splash down the Corobicí River on a rafting trip. Immerse yourself in local life on visits to a cacao plantation, a rural village, and the lively markets of San José.


Whether you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, are looking for the rush that goes with outdoor fun, or you want to spend time together making memories in a new place, Portugal is one of the most terrific destinations for your family holiday


While it is a safe country (with virtually no crime and is politically stable) also provides exceptional value for money (win-win situation). Traveling inside the country is not difficult, as everyone who works within tourism speaks English and Spanish, while shops are stocked with known products and recognizable brands. Portugal is an excellent option for a hassle-free holiday and is some of the great destinations for families with toddlers through to teenagers.

Looking for a trip of a lifetime with incredible experiences? Let us know your travel style, and we'll design a tour just for you.

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