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A Food Adventure In Europe's Most Iconic Cities

While many visitors to Europe focus on the continent's history and famous sites, I believe the best way to immerse yourself in the European culture is through a food tour. I've compiled a list of the top food tours throughout Europe, which you can combine to create a unique trip around one of my favorite parts of the world. Food tours are one of the best ways to experience the local culture, and thanks to your local guides, you'll receive an authentic experience in whichever city in Europe you're visiting.

A Culinary Adventure through Lisbon's backstreets

Imagine yourself enjoying a fantastic tour around Lisbon, exploring the historic backstreets of Graça and Mouraria. Lisbon is one of my favorite cities in Europe and is often overlooked by first-time visitors to the continent. Bite after bite, you'll experience this vibrant city through its peri-peri chicken and pastel de Natas, all washed down by a shot of Ginjinha, a famous cherry liquor.

An Authentic Londonian tour for food lovers

One of my top choices while visiting London is exploring its east end. Enjoy its street art while experiencing local cuisine. Highlights include feasting on traditional English fish and chips and curry on Brick Lane, home to over fifty Indian restaurants.

Paris Secret Food Tours

Experiencing French cuisine is one of the best parts of any trip to Paris, so why not enjoy more of their delicious food and drink while learning about the city's history and culture. Enjoy exploring Montmartre, Saint Germain, and Le Marais on a fun and informative tour that will be one of the highlights of your trip (and also mouth-watering).

Explore Rome by Vespa

For a truly authentic Italian experience, join a Foodie Vespa tour around the city. You'll zip around the city on your new vehicle, stopping three or four times to enjoy local Italian cuisine. The tour focuses on Roman street snacks and food markets.

A Foodie Tour of Spain

First-time visitors to Europe often skip over Spain in favor of England, France, and Italy. But for a unique adventure, consider a fantastic tour throughout this incredible country. While Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe, for food and drink lovers, don't miss your chance to explore Galicia and the Basque Country. Wherever you are staying in Spain, you can also take part in a private cooking class, which will allow you to immerse yourself in delicious Spanish food and learn more about the ingredients they use in their classic dishes of paella and tapas.

Wherever you visit in the world, always make it a point to taste as much of the local cuisine and the unique dishes on offer as I possibly can. If you are planning a trip to Europe and are looking for any advice or help with your next travel experience, contact us today to help you design a trip of a lifetime around your personal tastes.

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