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Asia: Authentic Places To Celebrate Culture And Stay In Luxury

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Asia is a melting pot of cultures that explodes with many charms. From the Zen-inspired mountains of Chengdu to the dazzling dunes of the Bedouin, experience the continent's many facets while indulging yourself in its most immersive luxury hotels. With these experiences around Asia, you'll be able to see this continent differently and discover things you won't find out about any other way.

Experience the last of the Grand Palaces in India

An epitome of Rajasthan's royal heritage with endless stories waiting to be told, Umaid Bhawan Palace inspires with majestic domes and splendid views of the Blue City of Jodhpur and the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. This sand-colored royal landmark opened in 1943, was considered one of the largest and most impressive royal residences in the world.

This property houses a family museum and sits amidst 26 acres of lush gardens, with dancing peacocks and a subterranean Zodiac Pool. The luxury five-star Taj heritage hotel offers 70 utterly breathtaking Art Deco-style rooms and suites. The whole experience is built around the core elements of Jodhpur - heritage, folk, and culinary art. And every corner has a tale to it!

Stay like royalty in this magnificent property, or perhaps enjoy a romantic dining experience served in a fairy tale setting.

Re-imagine the timeless glamour of traveling in modern Asia

Hong Kong's Grand Dame shines with the timeless tinge of the 1920s. It once was used as a World War II headquarters. This celebrated property is resplendent with oriental charm, producing the best views of the serene Victoria Harbor as well as the impressive skyscrapers of the metropolis.

Nestled deep within the walls of these classic and modern spaces is 21st-century technology - electronic panels that control the rooms' various features, from lighting, the window treatments, music, and video selection, to a guide to the city and live flight-status updates in five languages. And then, there are the heart-stopping views of Victoria Harbor and towering buildings of Hong Kong Island—a sparkling rim of lights once the sun goes down.

A stay at this property allows you to revisit the travel glamour of a bygone era and also explore the many antiques and historical artifacts on display around the hotel.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Ceylon Tea Trails

Hattan is encapsulated by spectacular natural beauty and features lush rolling hills, dazzling vistas, and a beautiful multi-textured undulation of hills, blanketed in lavish tea estates.

A beautiful and charming resort, bordering the World Heritage Central Highlands, the Ceylon Tea Trails feature five restored colonial-era tea planter residences, with exquisite furnishings and impressive, discreet butler service. Exuding a tasteful ambiance, each bungalow features old wooden desks complete with real stamps to send meaningful letters and sitting areas with cushioned cane chairs. Take in views of the spectacular sweeping mountains and a vast lush expanse of tea fields.

Sensational spectacles meet the eye every morning - the charismatic rolling hills and the serene lake enchants with a romantic tableau engulfed with fragrant air are definitely.

Experience Chengdu's Tao Culture - where everything feels magical

Up in the mountain of Qingcheng, located in a terrain thickly coated by forests, is the gateway to the Taoist mountain that beckons to a higher calling – or perhaps a Zen-inspired repose – so you can feel under the sweeping oriental-gabled roofs and meandering courtyards of a traditional Chinese mansion.

China's luxury resort gateway to majestic mountains, Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, was built as a complement of the UNESCO World Heritage and Natural Cultural Site nearby, Dujiangyan. Guests are treated to incredibly spacious suites with a private balcony or verandah, decked out in Chinese-inspired antique style.

You can discover pandas in their natural habitat in the surrounding mystical mountains, with Panda Valley a 10-minute drive from the resort. Explore ancient towns and enjoy breathtaking views, learn Tai-Chi and the balance of Taoism, and many other cultural highlights.

Experience Singapore, where the old world gravitas meets modern comfort

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles - founder of modern Singapore deserved a seat in the city, with no less than a glorious colonial luxury hotel that's a storyteller in its century and thirty old expanses.

It is effortless to imagine what the iconic Raffles hotel must have been like back in the day, where the rich and famous soaked up Singapore slings and the refined ambiance. Immerse yourself in its one-of-a-kind splendor and enhanced comforts, experience its legendary services as you enjoy, and explore courtyards gracefully and relax in cozy social spaces.

Singapore's hotel to the rich and famous – once home to Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few – enthralls with its furnishings that radiate with old-world opulence.

Experience a picturesque noble's retreat in the millennial city of Kyoto

Your journey begins in a slow drift along a river that once bustled with boats. You'll see a flock of kingfishers flying downstream, bringing a soothing breeze that cleanses your mind and body as you approach the Hoshinoya resort. Finally, you arrive at your destination. The trip has taken just fifteen minutes--but each minute has felt momentous.

Kyoto's famed craftsmanship and celebrated history permeate every inch of this fully restored century-old property. From the woodblock-print designs in guestrooms to the refined Kaiseki meals, landscaped grounds, and timeless setting in Arashiyama, a former playground of court nobles.

Explore Hanoi's magic, charm, history, and romance with a touch of elegance

Being located in the heart of the city of Hanoi has its benefits. Just a stroll away, for instance, lies the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, a site of many legends and one of great historical importance. The markets of the city's Old Quarter aren't too far either, and the Opera House is quite literally just around the corner. Let the explorations begin.

History is in full force for those who arrive at the hotel's Metropole Wing, where two vintage cars are permanently parked on the footpath, and the staff wearing traditional Vietnamese outfits greet the guests before ushering them up to their rooms. Pictures and displays help inform visitors about this property's storied past.

The art, the decor, and the design keep the colonial vibe alive in the older part of this exclusive property. The newer side could be seen as a counterpoint, the yang to original wing's yin, with a brighter color palette and a feeling of restrained opulence.

Relax in a wild and majestic mountain kingdom in Bhutan

Bhutan is the first nation of the world that systematically measures its success not by the strength of its economy but by its people's happiness. With such a unique approach befits a country unlike any other – a wild, spiritual, and majestic mountain kingdom where tranquility reigns and everything is off the beaten track.

This prevailing ethos washes the staggeringly beautiful undulating valleys, plains, deep gorges, and mountainous landscape with a force of supreme greatness, that of genuine harmony and environmental compatibility.

Bhutan is a year-round revelation whether travelers visit this destination in the height of summer when the Himalayas are carpeted with wildflowers or the depths of winter - when cobalt skies segue into spectacular starscapes.

Discover an authentic Cambodian experience in a lush and intimate setting

Verdant agricultural vistas are a regular phenomenon in Cambodia - where the sun sizzles over rice paddy fields while sprawls of clouds create a striking shadow, allowing farmers to find shade temporarily. The Khmers thrived in this nature-grounded livelihood, as depicted in Siem Reap's most popular resort.

Phum Baitang - which means 'green village' in Khmer, is set within eight acres of lush gardens and rice paddies away from the bustle of Siem Reap, yet still just minutes from the temples of Angkor. At first sight, the property looks like a traditional Cambodian village, but you will soon notice the intricate design touches and modern luxuries between the rusticity.

The furniture is made with Cambodian materials, and antiques from the local market are also used to complement the traditional arrangement.

Looking for a trip of a lifetime full of incredible experiences? Let us know your travel style, and we'll design a travel experience just for you.

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