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Egypt: Nine Bucket List Experiences For Your Next Visit

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

A new country to discover is always exciting. But what if that destination is one with a fascinating history that reaches back thousands of years? Egypt is that country. There's still so much to discover in this mysterious and vibrant source of obsession that welcomes you with grand Pharaonic temples and its meandering Nile river.

Egypt has everything to surprise you every step of the way. Experience a maze of mosques and madrasas in Cairo, enter the resting place of King Tutankhamen, sail the Nile river in style, or soar over Luxor in a hot air balloon. Here are our Nine experiences you should consider on your next trip to Egypt.

1.- Soar over Luxor in a hot air balloon

These rides are becoming more popular, and one of the most exciting and picturesque cities to have this experience is in Luxor. It's an early day start to watch an incredible sunrise from the balloon, but as the sky keeps changing from inky blues and purples to pastel shades, you'll be grateful for that early wake-up alarm. This adventure will take you over the Nile and the grassy farmer's fields beside it. You'll soar over the Valley of the Kings and be able to spot the Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsut temple.

2.- Enjoy a sunset camel ride by the Great Pyramids

This visit is a must when you're visiting Egypt, but if you like adventure and want to experience it in another way, you must consider a camel ride. This activity will take you further away from the crowds so you can appreciate the views without the noise and the chaos, and add an extra unique factor during your visit.

3.- Discover the local life at a Nubian Village

For some of us, travel gives us the ability to see and learn about new cultures, and Egypt is the place to go to. Whether you are interested in the people, the food, or the way of life, this kind of experience will only enrich your knowledge and your Egyptian Vacation.

For several reasons, Aswan is one of those places that you may want to add to your bucket list to experience the local life at a nearby Nubian village. Even though Egypt has been their home for thousands of years, they still have their traditions, customs, language, and lifestyle. This visit promises to be remarkable with brightly colored houses and markets filled with all kinds of goods, from piles of spices and teas to hand-woven scarves.

4.- Step inside of the tomb of Queen Nefertari

Known to be one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monuments in all Egypt, in the west bank of Luxor, you can find the famous tomb of Queen Nefertari. This tomb experienced years of unique restoration work to reclaim its former glory. The wall paintings show the life and death of the wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II, and describes his affection for Nefertari, proving that she was more than just a marriage alliance.

5.- Visit Dendera and Abydos

Consider adding Dendera and Abydos into your journey if you want to see some unique historical sites close to Luxor.

Dendera Temple is one of Egypt's best-preserved temples that maybe is a historical site you'd probably never heard of. It was once a pilgrimage site for people who were looking to be healed or cured. Its main attraction is the Temple of goddess Hathor, who was associated with motherhood, fertility, and healing.

Abydos is an ancient city that holds dozens of temples. It was initially thought to be a burial place, but then became an essential place for the worship of Osiris, the god of the underworld. Another worth visiting in Abydos and one of the most impressive is probably the Temple of Seti I, which above all the others, has best stood the test of time and remains in optimal conditions.

6.- Experience a maze of mosques and madrassas in Cairo.

Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world, and its western pyramids are the hub of ancient Egyptian history. The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is regarded as the most exquisite piece of the early-Mamluk architecture era in Cairo.

When arriving at the mosque, your eyes will be immediately drawn upward into the blue sky. As you lower your head, you will witness the most amazingly patterned mosaic-paved courtyard, unprecedented in Cairo. This is only a glimpse of the splendor you'll gaze inside. Due to its tremendous height, it soon became a symbol of the culmination of all the architectural power developed throughout a century of Mamluk rule.

7.- Visit the Pharaoh's Island

After a short ferry ride from Taba's coast, you'll reach the Island of the Pharaoh, also known as the Coral Island. It's a small granite atoll surrounded by coral reefs and fantastic dive sites. The island's also famous for its citadel that was initially built by crusaders and later was conquered and reconstructed by Saladin.

The fortress is listed today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the diving sites surrounding the island include the Picasso Reef. This underwater mountain leads down 24 meters to colossal table corals. At a depth of 12 meters, you'll find yourself surrounded by a wide variety of colorful fish, including the famous "Picasso Trigger Fish."

8.- Sail the Nile River in style

One of the best ways to fulfill your travel fantasies with comfort, remoteness, and peace is to experience Egypt while joyfully side-stepping the people, the noise, and the crowds. We chose these experiences not only because it's an exotic way to explore the ancient Egyptian story, but because it features on so many of our bucket lists.

There are several ways to sail on the Nile, but to make it in style, we recommend:

  • A short hop on a few hours on a felucca, a small wooden sailing boat, is the perfect way to sail if you have a limited amount of time.

  • Another way to have a fantastic sailing experience is to take a journey of several days on board in a Dahabiya, which has been the transport of choice for aristocrats, avid travelers, and archaeologists. These graceful vessels set a languorous pace on this vast and ancient river, giving you total control to stop off at bustling markets, explore ancient temples, set campfires, and share tea with the locals.

9.- Revel under the sun in the Red Sea Riviera

Located near the Eastern desert and south of the Sinai, the Red Sea Riviera is an extended coastal area full of beautiful beaches, where you'll be able to swim among dolphins, dugongs, and an overwhelming number of flora and fauna.

It's the perfect diving destination at any time of the year. In Hurghada, you can go underwater fishing, snorkeling, camping, and visiting the world's largest aqua-culture museum. El Gouna is best known for its luxury hotels that are set among gorgeous mountains and crystal clear waters.Sharm El Sheik boasts the most extensive array of fun, exciting, and even crazy water and extreme sports.

Besides diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind, and kite-surfing, you can also try sky diving or parachuting from a helicopter on your next holiday. In Egypt, every day is a journey. It doesn't matter where you go; you'll be amazed in the experiences that are just around each corner of this fascinating country. Whether you're interested in its ancient history or only looking for an adventure to experience its charms, this country and its people are sure to captivate your very existence.

Ready to start planning your Egyptian Vacation? Contact us today to talk about the trip that best suits your travel style.

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