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Our Guide To A Once In A Lifetime Nordic Adventure.

Although Scandinavia is traditionally compromised of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the region also encompasses nearby Finland and far-flung Iceland, forming a Nordic nation's quintet. If you dream of a trip to Scandinavia, there are many things to consider when booking your vacation. For that reason, this useful guide will tell you the best time to visit and also the best places to explore during your one-of-a-kind Nordic adventure. Get ready for a bucket list-worthy expedition to the land of majestic Nordic landscapes, royal capitals, fjords, and mesmerizing waterfalls.

When is the best time of year to visit?

Scandinavia has four very distinct seasons, so depending on what type of experience you are looking for, you'll want to decide the best season for you. If you are looking to enjoy a road trip or visit multiple cities and sites, summer is the best time to visit, as you'll enjoy clear weather and higher temperatures. During this time of year, you can enjoy spending time in the spectacular nature the region has to offer, particularly in July and August. However, if you are looking to avoid the summer crowds, traveling in the off-season is your best bet, as it will be quieter in many of the most popular areas. May and June and then September are great times to visit without experiencing the brutally cold weather that arrives during the winter months.

Seeing the Northern Lights

If seeing the Northern Lights is the most crucial element of your journey, you'll want to think again about visiting during the summer months. Between October and March, you'll have the best chances of seeing this bucket list natural phenomenon if you head further north in Norway, Finland, or Sweden.

Where to go in this Nordic region?

There are so many fantastic cities and destinations throughout Scandinavia that it can be challenging to decide where to visit during your first trip to the region. These are a few of my top choices for a memorable adventure.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a fantastic place to start your Scandinavian adventure, and it's the ideal destination for a family trip. Kids and teens will love seeing The Little Mermaid statue, and the Tivoli Gardens are fun for all of the family to visit. The city is easy to navigate by foot and offers you the perfect introduction to the region.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, and it's the Gateway to the Fjords due to its proximity to Sognefjord and Hardanger fjord. I loved strolling through this city's streets and admiring its old town and architecture.

Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

If you are looking for the ultimate winter adventure, head to Rovaniemi in the north of Finland. It's the ideal place to try and spot the Northern Lights during the winter months, and it's the official home of Santa Claus.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the most enjoyable capital cities full of cultural and historical attractions to visit in the region. There are plenty of fascinating museums to choose from in Stockholm, and no trip is complete without a visit to the Royal Palace.

Oslo, Norway

Another place that's a good option for starting your trip is the City of Oslo. The museums here are fantastic, especially the Viking Ship Museum, where you'll feel like you've been transported back in time. You'll appreciate the mix of history and modernity the city offers, and it's the perfect place to ease yourself into life in Scandinavia.

Helsinki, Finland

A great city to combine with a Finnish Lapland trip, Helsinki is a compact capital city with plenty to offer to its visitors. Enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna experience, followed by a dip in the water afterward. The city is easy to navigate, and you can enjoy a walking tour of the top attractions it has to offer.

With so much to offer to its visitors, Scandinavia is one of my favorite regions globally and provides a unique European adventure that you'll definitely love. If you plan a trip to Scandinavia and need any further advice, don't hesitate to contact us today, and we'll be more than happy to help you craft a memorable experience with the people your significant ones.

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