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The Ultimate Guide To Lapland: What to See and Do

Lapland Finland is a Scandinavian retreat located above the Arctic Circle, and it's not difficult to see why so many people are drawn here. With its long winters of darkness followed by short summers with 24 hours of daylight, Lapland provides an opportunity for visitors to experience something quite different from their home country. Whether visiting during winter or summer, there will be plenty that can easily take your breath away: spectacular Northern Lights displays being one example.

Lapland is a place where nature prevails. Here, you can also see reindeer and other animals that live in this region. This article will provide an overview of everything you need to know about visiting Lapland, so your trip goes smoothly!

Lapland Destinations

In Lapland, Finland, there are countless small towns with rich and distinct cultures. The native Sami have an iconic native-style dress that they wear year-round and domesticate reindeer to make their way through the wilderness of this land.

Exploring each village would take a lifetime, so we've chosen some destinations in which you can experience a little bit of what Lapland has to offer:


When it comes to winter activities, Saariselka will not disappoint. With its easy access to the Northern Lights and world-class ski slopes, you're sure to enjoy a more active vacation with your family or friends. If an outdoor adventure is too much for you this time of year, then don't worry - there's plenty of relaxation options available!


Kiruna has many beautiful attractions that will be sure to leave you in awe. If ice sculptures are your thing, then the Icehotel is a must-see for its breathtaking artistry and sheer creativity of an exhibit made entirely out of snow and ice! Other incredible things like Abisko National Park or Aurora Sky Station await those willing to explore Kiruna's most iconic destinations.


Autti is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. Its isolated location makes it perfect for those who want to get away from everything and relax. It's also known as "The Gateway To Nature" because many different outdoor activities are available, such as viewing nature at its finest with scenic river canyons or snow-capped forests. Every year Autti hosts an annual Medieval Festival that would be fun for history buffs!


Imagine being in a town that is the original home of Santa Claus. It sounds like something out of your favorite Christmas movie, right? Rovaniemi has been such a popular destination for tourists and locals alike over the years because this iconic European village offers some beautiful winter scenery and plenty of places to shop local fare at quaint shops and cafes. Visitors flock here every year so that they can see all that it has to offer! You won't find a better place to enjoy the winter season anywhere else in the world.

Tips on Visiting Lapland

How to visit

If you are looking for a destination full of natural wonders and has world-famous cuisine, Lapland should definitely be your next stop. It's not the most accessible place to reach if you're flying from America or Europe, making it an even more exciting vacation spot!

Once there, though, there will be plenty of things to do outside; consider snowshoeing through pristine forests or adventurous skiing on untouched slopes before settling down with some delicious Scandinavian dishes at night.


Once you arrive, you'll be happy to discover that most people can speak English.

When to arrive?

We highly recommend visiting Lapland, Finland, during the wintertime. This is when the area shines the most and when most activities are available.


Luckily, the weather in Lapland isn't as intense as in many Scandinavian areas. However, you should come with durable winter clothing to keep warm.

Things to Do

Here is a list of some of the best activities in Lapland, Finland:

· Driving a snowmobile

· Skiing The Northern Lights

· See Santa Claus

· Dog and reindeer Sledding

· Hiking

· Ice fishing

Lapland has so much to offer you will never get bored. Skiing, sleigh rides, downhill skiing, and snowboarding are just some of the things they have for you to do during your stay in Lapland. With all this fun stuff going on, it's easy for a couple of magical sightings of the Northern Lights to make everything perfect!

When was the last time you experienced something genuinely exceptional? Contact us today to help you plan an experience of a lifetime.

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