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Top 5 Countries Worth Visiting For Wine Lovers

Combining your love for travel and wine will undoubtedly deliver a fantastic experience. Before you take off on your wine-tasting adventure, consider which countries make the best varietals and offer the best-tasting experiences. Here are five of the best countries to put at the top of your travel bucket list if you are a wine aficionado.


The romantic country of Italy is a perfect match for a wine tour. Italy is known for its bold red varietals and sparkling whites. Two of the most famous regions to visit if wine is on your travel itinerary are Tuscany and Sicily. As a bonus, wine is a natural complement to the delicious pasta of Italy.


According to Wine Folly, with over 60 distinct wine regions, it is no surprise that Spain is the third-largest international produce of wine. An abundance of acreage dedicated to vineyards makes this vibrant country a top destination for wine lovers. Rioja is the most famous wine-producing region in Spain with the Tempranillo red grape laying claim as the main component of all Spanish blends.

United States

According to Pegasus, California produces up to 90 percent of all wine made in the United States, making it an ideal destination for wine tasting. The Napa Valley region is especially famous in Northern California. Southern California offers wine tasting in Temecula. The state of Washington is also the right choice when looking to sample a variety of local wines and vineyard tastings. The most famous wine produced in the U.S. is Cabernet Sauvignon. While other countries tend to blend Cabernets with other varietals, the U.S. lets the full-bodied flavor stand on its own.


As the undisputed leader of Malbec production, Argentina is one of the few places on the planet where the ancient Malbec vines still exist. The Mendoza region is an ideal place to start your tour of this South American country. Known as the "land of Malbec," this region features a variety of wine estates for you to tour.


When it comes to sparkling wine, France reigns supreme. The Champagne region in northern France boasts a distinct soil and climate balance that produces the best bubbly in the world. Reims is another area in France to visit for champagnes and other exquisite small-batch wines. Whichever area you decide to visit, you are sure to love the exotic experience of French wine from anywhere.

Any of these five countries will provide a unique travel experience that combines all of life's pleasures for the wine lover. The only thing left to do is to book your trip and raise your glass. Cheers!

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