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Top 5 Romantic Getaways Around The World

Top 5 romantic Getaways Around The World

Thinking about a romantic escape with your significant one to spend together some quality time or to reconnect? Maybe you have the idea of taking the sun at the beach with a cocktail in hand, or perhaps you're looking for an outdoor adventure or being captivated with a food experience. Or maybe, you're looking for a destination that has it all. Whatever your travel style, these destinations have everything you need to have an unforgettable time away.

Northern Italy

From the winding canals of Venice to the Dolomites' white-domed peaks, Northern Italy is a magnet for lovers of nature and art. And if you are a romantic by heart, the city of Verona is a must for you. It has been rumored to be where Romeo and Juliet's tragic love story took place.

Italy is a wonderland for couples looking to explore new places. Besides museums and history galore in the renaissance capital of Florence, you can rent out old-fashioned carriages (for those who want an experience that feels like it came straight from some medieval fairytale) or go on a wine tasting experience or truffle hunting under the Tuscan sun.

Lake Como provides visitors with the chance to kick back and live like George Clooney. Boasting alpine views in a tranquil lakeside environment, Lake Como is easily accessible from Milan's metropolitan cityscape. For those seeking a luxury getaway or just looking for an escape from it all, this destination on Italy's western coast will not disappoint you!

Koh Samui, Thailand

Discover your personal paradise on Thailand's second-largest island. Koh Samui is an affordable high-class vacation spot with the perfect weather for beachside relaxation all year round, boasting white-sand beaches and pristine waters.

Celebrate being pampered in this tropical paradise by indulging in a couple's massage or morning Tai Chi session to feel energized again after long days of exploration!

The Maldives

the Maldives is the perfect destination for loves of all ages. The country comprises over a thousand beautiful coral islands that offer fantastic diving opportunities, including scuba and snorkeling possibilities! It means that there are many famous local dive sites at your fingertips with natural beauty to enjoy. Some even allow you to swim in shark-infested waters like never before—if this doesn't get your heart racing, then what will?

This destination is the perfect getaway for couples to escape society. With a plethora of high-end resorts and spas, there's no shortage of luxury treatments. The luxurious islands that make up the country have garnered international attention as an opulent paradise with ample accommodations for all budgets and tastes, making it one of the most sought-after destinations on Earth's surface today.


Icelandic culture is all about celebrating the natural world, and what could be more romantic than watching these otherworldly phenomena dance above you in a pristine night sky? Iceland has geysers that can go from dormant to roiling at any moment, glaciers gracing its interiors with their iced beauty.

With a car rental, you can easily explore the many natural attractions that Iceland has to offer. You'll be able to swim in hot springs and visit waterfalls with magical healing powers alike— including Dettifoss, which is Europe's largest waterfall measured by the pure volume of water gushing over it!

New Orleans, Louisiana

It is a magical city where the party never stops, and at any time of the day, it can be 5 o'clock. Enjoy your favorite drinks all night in one of its many bars, or for something different, try some delicious food from one of NOLA's famous restaurants like Commander's Palace Louisiana Kitchen!

If you're looking for a romantic date night, book an escape to New Orleans. With its southern charm and historic architecture, it's the perfect city to fall in love with. The best part? There are plenty of things that old-fashioned couples can do on their dates! Take your partner out for some traditional Southern food like jambalaya or po'boys before exploring beautiful downtown together; this is sure to spark up any romantic relationship as well as create memories worth keeping around forever.

Chock-full of historic southern charm, New Orleans has more than just its nightlife going for itself when considering where would be an ideal place to visit if one were seeking a romantic getaway spot.

And, of course, the city has some of the most delicious breakfast options. Whether it be eggs benedict with ham from Bennachin or shrimp scampi omelet from Duke Coffeehouse & Dinner, every dish will satisfy your cravings for something salty but sweet first thing on any given morning.

There are lots of destinations built for romance that will make your trip worth it and help you put more calories in as well. Whether celebrating an anniversary, jetting off on your honeymoon, or simply seeking a getaway just for two, we're always on hand to help. Sometimes planning a memorable trip with your significant other can be challenging, but it doesn't have to feel that way. Contact us today to design a flawless experience to best suit your personal travel style.

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